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The Demand for Exceptional Employees is High, The Supply is Low

JANUARY 7, 2022


Work Life Balance  - While Covid has proven that we can all work effectively from home, there is a high degree of employee burn out.  Companies are falling short in providing work life balance and there has been a spike in employee burn-out.  Companies are not delivering on work life balance, and often asking employees to do more with less.

Compensation and Benefits - Many companies had to reduce headcount, asked employees to take a drop in salary, bonuses where taken away, and some simply did not survive. Post pandemic, financial insecurity has had a negative effect on employees and created a bidding war on top talent. While companies are developing their back to work policy's,  employees do not want to go back to the office on a full time basis and a pressuring employers for a remote option.  

Colleagues and Culture - Hiring through the pandemic has created many issues from corporate security to starting remotely.  Creating a corporate culture remotely is much harder as employees are feeling less engaged with the company.   On-boarding has become critical in making employees feel welcome and a valued part of the company.   The continued success of a corporate culture, relies on an active program of making employees feel valued.  


Work Life Balance -  Be careful what you ask for.  Now that employees are set up and comfortable working from home, they are working longer hours.  The division between working and family time has become blurred and employees are getting requests at all hours of the day.     

Compensation and Benefits - Many employees faced lay-offs, furlongs, teams reducing in size, along with a drop in salary, bonuses, annual reviews being taken away.  Presently, those that are open to make a move are looking for an increase, higher than typically would be expected.  They know that are in demand and are creating a bidding war on compensation, and negotiating for continued remote work. 

Colleagues and Culture - The pandemic created a new world of starting remote, without ever having to go into the office. Conference calls and on-line meetings are the new norm.  While most enjoy the flexibility of  working from home, there is a negative correlation that  there no connection to the company, and their team.  The result being that many feel that corporate culture really does not matter, as they do not feel connected to the company.   Employee overall happiness has fallen.

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