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It's a family affair.  The Sista's started with humble beginnings and a mother who was a leader and pioneer in the recruitment world.  Decades ago, and long before the Sistas' were even working, she set out to open her  first 'agency' (staffing company).   Determined to be a success, she established one of the most successful staffing companies across Canada.   As her daughters started to enter the work force, she one by one brought us in and taught us her methodology, one which we still value and use today.  While we have tweaked it to better reflect todays post pandemic marketplace, by adding  EQ and IQ, the guiding principles remain the same.  To work closely with our clients and candidates, to strive to provide a level of service that exceeds their expectations, developing long term relationships and to be considered a trusted advisor.   
The evidence is in!  We have worked with so many candidates who appreciated the process we took them through, when it came time for them to build their team, we where their first call.  
Fast forward many years,  our mother retired. We both stayed in recruitment, but went down different paths, working for many of the leading search firms, continuing to learn and develop our craft.  In this post pandemic world, the Sistas' decided to come together and combine our energy, knowledge and abilities. We are excited and so proud to be launching Ascension Executive Search.



Creating Ascension was my dream, my passion, my drive and my baby for the past number of years.  But I have decided to take a step away to pursue my next great adventure. 

I leave Ascension in the greatest of hands, my partner and sister!  She will look after you with the same integrity, passion and trust you have come to expect. 



Pam has been recruiting in the Technology/Finance/Sales/Admin space for the past 20 years.
Her expertise lies in identifying the “ Best in the Market” in all verticals.
Her first passion was Dance where she spent 10 years dancing Classical Ballet and Contemporary.
She is a Certified Personal Trainer with a love for fitness.
In her spare time she is with her family and  dogs!

Our Team: Our Team
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